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ImageTime to explore the possibilities again. Many of you are conditioned to believe everything your Uncle Sam tells you. To them, you are the sheep, who can be controlled. Believe it or not, the Statue of Liberty has nothing to do with liberty.

Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi was a French sculptor who is best known for designing the Statue of Liberty and given as a gift in 1886. He was a Freemason who traveled extensively to Egypt and remained silent on who the woman was for his inspiration.

Ever notice the statue of Liberty looks pregnant? It’s been said that this was intentionally designed to look pregnant because of the folds in her robe.

There is only one woman whose face closely matches the Statue of Liberty…drum roll please…and her name is Cleopatra Selene.

ImageLook for yourself!


The daughter of Marc Anthony and Cleopatra. Bartholdi used an ancient bust of her…

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Let’s face it – all of us sitting at home who aren’t at SDCC this week will hate everyone who is. And for all of you Ender’s Game fans, here’s one more reason. Premiered at SDCC this week we have six international Fleet Characters Banners and the first look at the upcoming film!



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Anna Paquin is probably used to doubling up since becoming a mom to twins, and she had to do just that again at Comic Con this year, with appearances at both the True Blood and X Men Panels.

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Magical Muses

Varia - Try

(Click for Larger Image)

This is the song which marks the trasition of Varia’s heart from loving Cullen to falling in love with Alistair. Just listen to the lyrics and you’ll understand why it’s the perfect track for this part of her story, especially if you keep in mind who she was in love with. The moral of the song is that love can hurt you, but that doesn’t mean you just should give up on it completely. Varia was about to do just that, saying she was a fool for ever thinking a mage could find true love, but Alistair tells her that Cullen is the fool for letting a woman like her go. As the song says, she literally gets up from where she and Alistair had been sitting and talking by Lake Calenhad and decides to try opening her heart to him.

You can listen to the…

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BioWare’s Dragon Age series is very addicting believe me I’ve spent a week passing Dragon Age 2 and two weeks passing Dragon Age: Origins. Though what had me so excited to replay both titles including DLCs was the E3 announcement of Dragon Age: Inquisition. The shear excitement I had when seeing Morrigan in that teaser emulating villainy and her being ever so the seductress we know she is, all the while we see eye-popping visuals of the third entry of the Dragon Age series. Now ever since that trailer fanboys and girls have been speculating as to what we would be actually be seeing or playing in the game, so I thought for today’s Top 5 we’ll give five “recommendations” to BioWare for the still in production game of Dragon Age: Inquisition.

5: Traveling Through Out Thedas

So far in Dragon Age: Origins/Awakening we traveled through Ferelden and Amaranthine, in Dragon Age 2…

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